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We carry an extensive range of PEX (parts exchange) manufacturers

Komatsu, Bell, Cat, volvo, etc. CT Hydraulics (Namibia) (PTY) Ltd manufacture & reconditioning of Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders. We have the expertise & facilities to service Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders. Through a comprehensive needs analysis, we supply a proactive, predictive and preventative maintenance program to extend the life of your Hydraulic and Pneumatic components, ultimately decreasing costs and increasing productivity all obtained through the products that we offer and problem solving, along with site inspection.

CT Hydraulics (Namibia) (PTY) Ltd supplies full failure reports upon completed inspection and analysis of cylinders that come in for repairs / remanufacturing or replacement.


C.T Hydraulics (Namibia) (PTY) LTD offers Warranties on all newly manufactured and remanufactured hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders.

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